What we're doing

Omikron Project is a volunteer group aiming to show the world the untold side of Greece's crisis, and crush the negative stereotypes of the country. 

Here's a presentation made by one of our members on March 10, 2014 that explains the problem we're trying to tackle, and what we can all do about it:

Or, here's our traditional explanation in a few paragraphs :)

We are a group of regular guys and girls living in a crisis-hit country called Greece. 

We got sick of watching the rest of the world get fed inaccurate images of life here today, and wanted to do something about it. So instead of complaining, we built Omikron Project.

Omikron Project's mission is to give people outside Greece a fuller picture of what's going on in our country, and let them decide what to believe. We want to show them the untold side of the Greek crisis, and crush the negative stereotypes that are adding to Greece's problems.
We're doing this via creative productions, like our animated video series Alex, our "ads" or our grassroots map, as well as events and more.
Want to know more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions page, or check out some press we've received.
If you'd like to join us, or you have an idea you think we should hear about, get in touch

One of our meetings.